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Mola Mola

Tours & Safaris

30 Years of Namibian Hospitality

Since 1995 Mola Mola has taken thousands of guests up close and personal with not only seals, dolphins, pelicans and whales, but also shared with them the friendly hospitality Namibia is known for.


Whether it is a morning on the water with adventure, drinks food and the best Walvis Bay oysters, or perhaps a full Marine Dune day where you will visit the spectacular Sandwich Harbour and drive through the massive sand dunes, Mola Mola is a part of your Namibian adventure not to be missed!

Mola Mola Pelican Waterfront Office


Mola Mola Safaris is based in Walvis Bay on Namibia’s spectacular desert coast. We specialize in giving our guests an unforgettable experience and unique view of the abundant marine life and rich waters of our Atlantic Ocean.

Central and with ease of access to the Atlantic ocean and Namib desert as well as Sandwhich harbor.

Our office is located at the Walvis Bay waterfront and is a bustling hub of tourist activity and attractions.


The fleet consists of both ‘traditional’ catamarans and speedboat catamarans. The speedboat catamarans combine the stability benefits of catamarans as well as the speed and agility to easily get to sightings of dolphins or whales and close to the beach to see the seal colonies. The larger, more traditional catamaran affords a more leisurely marine cruise and is mostly used for larger groups.


In the bay we often see the enormous Mola Mola or Sunfish that can reach up to 3 000 kg! The endemic Heavyside or Benguella dolphin is unique to this part of the world and we average 95% success rate in seeing them, the Atlantic bottle nose dolphins are seen about 75% of the time! Whales are here mostly between June and November; seals and pelicans up close are always part of your excursion!

Everybody that visits Namibia, falls in love with our open spaces, beauty and freedom our country offers, almost everybody wants to come back once they have been here . . . the same can be said about Mola Mola! So, ask for us by name and come touch the ocean!


Safety is of utmost importance – our boats are surveyed annually, up to date radio and navigational equipment is used, and our skippers are fully qualified, experienced and just as important, they are all passionate about the experience you will share with us at Mola Mola!

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