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Marine & Desert


Most people visit Namibia for the adventure, freedom and open spaces our country and Continent are known for. Mola Mola certainly delivers on all of these fronts (and don’t forget our famous Namibian Hospitality). While planning for your boat cruise or dune adventure, also know that even though we are in the driest part of a desert country, you will not only enjoy epic scenery, but you will also experience our abundant marine wildlife, as the Benguella current is one of the richest parts of our planet’s oceans. Going on the Sandwich Harbour Dune adventures, you will further be amazed that so many life forms manage to live, and live well, in such a harsh environment, without a 4×4, coolerbox full of drinks and snacks, and off course the expert guide, that are accompanied by. Here are some of the marine and desert life that you are likely to come across, while experiencing landscapes that will remain with you for as long as the desert wind blows

Mola Mola jackal
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