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Mola Mola Sand


Need some answers?

We have compiled common Mola tour faqs, so that you can find out more about your tour with Mola Mola.


For further questions, please contact us.

What will I see?

Seals (one could well jump on the boat!), Pelicans, Seagulls and other birdlife and almost always dolphins. You could also see the Mola Mola (Sunfish), Jackals on the beach and of course whales during certain times of the year. You will also see the oyster lines (where they farm the famous Walvis Bay oysters), the lighthouse on Pelican point and various ships and interesting vessels that are in the safe harbour of Walvis Bay.

Do you have a catamaran? Or what is a speedboat catamaran?

All our boats are catamarans, meaning they have double hulls (for better stability). We have one, more traditional catamaran, all our other boats are speedboat catamarans, the great benefit of them is that they still offer good stability, but are up to four times faster than traditional catamarans, more maneuverable and can get closer to the beach in shallow water (like for the seal colonies). They are like the 4x4s of the bay. Dolphins also like to ‘surf’ in the wakes they create!

Will I get sea sick?

We stay mostly in the bay or just around the point (if the dolphins or whales are there), so you do not really go out onto the open ocean. Furthermore, because the boats are moving most of the time, you are not really exposed to the rocking motion as much as if you were, for example, fishing from a boat. Keep looking around and on the horizon and you’ll be fine. Lastly, Mythbusters (Discovery channel) proved that ginger helps prevent or quell sea sickness, so bring some along. Do not worry; it is only rarely that any of our guests get sea sick.

Is there a toilet on the boat?

All our boats have toilets on board.

What must I bring along?

Just bring some warm clothing (jacket and perhaps beanie in winter), your camera, sun block and your adventurous spirit. Everything else is provided. There are extra blankets on every boat, food (light lunch, fresh oysters etc.), drinks (bottled water, juice, cokes, beers, sherry and sparkling wine) and friendly, helpful guides are all part of the trip!

Do you have life jackets on the boats?

Yes, all our boats carry all the safety equipment required and we strictly adhere to all safety regulations and certifications. All our skippers are fully qualified and experienced in these waters and conditions, your safety is just as important to us as your experience with Mola Mola!

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, we accept Visa and Master cards.

Is there safe parking?

Yes, many visitors park here every day and there are car guards on site.

What is your best tour?

All our tours are great! The Marine Cruise will delight not only in the wildlife you see, but also offers an enjoyable morning on the water(and fresh Namibian oysters). The Sandwich Harbour 4×4 tour is like going to another beautiful planet sculpted from sand by wind and sea. If you have the time, combining both gives you the experience, we now describe as epic in a day!

What is your Cancellation Policy?

100% cancellation fees will be charged for no shows, on the day cancellations and cancellations made with-in less than 24 hrs of excursion - other cancellation fees are negotiable.

Full refunds will be granted to cancellations made 72 hours prior to the excursion date. 

Non-Namibian tour leaders / escorts, travelling with groups, will be charged full rate.    

What is your Peace of mind COVID-19 special consideration policy?

  • Only pre-paid bookings will be guaranteed space without any additional costs for 13 months after excursion date.

  • Alternatively, as per our standard cancellation policy, bookings cancelled 72 hour prior to excursion will be refunded fully (if pre-paid) or carry no cancellation fee (if not pre-paid).

  • Please note, communication with this regard is highly important. 



For further questions, please contact us.


T: +264 81 127 2522

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